Beledo, Seriously Deep, 2021

front coverHere we are in 2023, and I am still listening to albums sent to me in 2021. Anyway, a promise is a promise, so anything that has landed in my mailbox will sooner or (probably) later get the attention it deserves.

So now it is time for this album by Beledo. Beledo is a multi instrumentalist, but specializes in guitar and acoustic piano. Playing with him are Tony Levin on bass and Kenny Grohowski on drums. Guesting are Jorge Camiruaga on vibraphone, and Kearoma Rantao and Boris Savoldelli each sing on 1 track. Which leads to the inevitable conclusion that the other five are instrumental. And since this is out on Moonjune, and Beledo has been featured before, I kind of know what to expect.

Opening with the 14 plus minute title track (a song by Eberhard Weber), we are treated to lots of great solos (also from Levin) and dynamic playing. Mama D opens with a beautiful fusion melody with matching accompaniment on bass and drums. Rantao delivers her vocal with grandeur and passion. And emotions can be felt all over this record. Which is no mean feat with music like this.

Overall, I can say that the album has charm. It has a warmth that is hard to resist. It is also more melodic than some of the output on the label, even when some parts are more freaky. So I enjoyed hearing it!