Better Tomorrow, Homeiswhereyourheartis, 2011

better tomorrow - homeiswhereyourheartisThis German trio deliver a perfect sounding album that will please all people who are into bands like Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, and so on. So if you associate that with style elements like clean and screaming vocals, heavy use of dynamics, harmonized backing vocals, synthesisers that add colour to the arrangements and most of all melodies that nest themselves in your brain immediately, you are right.

I believe this is their first effort and to my ears it is of international quality, really on par with the best of them. The production matches the hype, this is just plain awesome. I don`t know how they pulled this off, they must have label support for this. But that don´t matter, if the result is this, I am not complaining. Nice touch is the addition of real instruments like violin.

Maybe the band need to develop a more unique identity, but I am quite confident that will progress over time. That is, if they get the chance to play live, and grow as a unit. For now, anyone into the mentioned names, or in rock music with alternative touches, head on over to their website and acquaint yourself!