Beyond The Labyrinth, Chapter III – Stories, 2011

Beyond The Labyrinth - Chapter III - StoriesBeyond The Labyrinth are another band I became familiar with by sharing a stage. Ever since I have been on and off in contact with mastermind Geert Fieuw. This is obviously (duh) their third output which makes me ashamed to confess their second somehow slipped under my radar. But compared to their debut Chapter III is a big step forward. The band have clearly grown in every department and thus deliver a winner!

From my point of view the music can best be described as an amalgam of melodic and progressive rock. This brings us the melodies of the first, and the musical depth and wealth of the second. But they say they also throw in some AOR, Classic rock and Gothic.  So a very digestible menu. I would also like to mention that the boys write excellent lyrics on a variety of subjects. And you should also check them out on their YouTube channel, nice vids!

There are 12 songs on the disk and all of them nest themselves quickly in your brain. Like I said, melodies in abundance. Personally I like the more heavy songs best ( Where Kindred Spirits Meet, Hidden Agenda, Fear’s The Killer, etc.) but that is a matter of taste as all is done with class. Highly recommended!