Biffy Clyro, The Myth of the Happily Ever After, 2021

It hasn’t been long since Biffy Clyro released ‘a celebration of endings’, which I hoped to be my personal celebration of the ending of the pandemic. Hasn’t quite turned out to be, but it obviously gave these Scots some spare time. And what better to do, than to create the perfect follow-up of an ending that hasn’t happened yet. Meet the happily ever after that turns out to be a myth.

After first hearing A Hunger in your Haunt as a single on the radio it didn’t win me over directly. It felt quite chaotic. After a few hearings it did grow on me though. It triggered me to listen to another of their singles: Unknown Male 01. This one actually did win me over directly.

One of my absolute favourites is Witch’s Cup. The build-up of this song is perfect, starting from a beautiful start and resulting in a head-banging state.

My first time of hearing the album’s closing-track gave me a “what the fuck is this”-moment, smoothly evolving in a “oh, this is nice”-moment.

What Simon Neil & co really accomplished to do, is creating a diverse tracklist, lyrically fitting in 2021’s obstacles, but above all, once again showing you don’t need to fit in one specific genre to make some great tunes.

I’m already curious for what’s to come.