BigBang, Edendale, 2009

bigbang - edendaleThe mighty Robert and TJR from Music Worth Buying raised my attention for this band. Took me a while (as always) but finally I was able to hear this album in full.
Though, in retrospect, this is hardly a style I listen to on a regular base, I think this oozes quality from every second you play it.

Describing the music is not simple. I mean, it is some kind of classic rock music, but very mellow for my usual taste as a lot of guitar parts are played with a clean sound. But the songs radiate a kind of emotion that gets under your skin. And I mean that in a positive way!
The singing reminded me a little of British stars Coldplay. But this band focusses on guitars instead of keyboards. Thus we get the occasional solo too, when it adds to the atmosphere of a song.

Judging by the drum sound I am guessing Led Zeppelin was part of their upbringing also. Especially the kick on some tracksĀ  reminded me of the late and great Bonham. The folk and blues influences here and there might also be ignited there.
BigBang use authentic instruments only it seems. So we hear for instance electric guitars, piano, Hammond, slide guitar, drums, bass and vocals. They add a little soul to a song like Bag Of Leaves because of the female vocals involved. I feel this adds to the overall retro feel of the album. Kinda seventies ya know?
So an album which impresses through the quality of the writing and the overall feel and dynamics. And not because of a hyper modern production with tons of compression. I think this is great!

Personal play tips: Play Louder, Swedish Television, Jumpsuit.