Bigelf, Cheat The Gallows, 2008

bigelf - cheat the gallowsWhat better way to continue in this holiday season, as with another one of those tasty Bigelf releases? Bigelf you ask? Well pardon me, but if you have never heard of them, and are into old fashioned heavy rock mixed with more progressive overtones, are fond of Mellotron and Hammond and consider yourself a fan of bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and or more progressive bands like early King Crimson and Pink Floyd, then this is a band you have to check out!

Seriously, don´t let the name or the mix of styles put you off. I have been following these guys ever since they started releasing albums (this is their fourth since starting with Closer To Doom in 1998) and think of them as a vibrant exponent of retro heavy (progressive) rock. Sure, I have read criticism about their supposed lack of originality but that has never stopped me from liking their output. In fact I would go as far as to suggest they are so good at their game, they are serious competitors to the names mentioned before. Who cares if song X sounds a bit like band Y, etc. ? For me it is about writing a good song, and that is a terrain they are very comfortable with.

So another winner from the band and I recommend them to anybody who can listen with an open mind!