Billy Sherwood, Citizen, 2015

Billy Sherwood - CitizenEver since his Worldtrade days I have been following the works of Billy Sherwood. And ever since those days, he has created a signature sound and has become an in demand producer, as well as a prolific writer and multi instrumentalist. Recent years have seen him pick up the pace regarding releases, and as I write this even more music, including a new Worldtrade (YEAH!) album, are in progress. And that besides him joining Yes to fill the gap that the tragic loss of his friend Chris Squire has left.

And where I say multi instrumentalist and a “do it all myself” attitude, on this album we see a load of guests. Probably the last recording of Squire, his Circa: buddy and also former Yes member Tony Kaye, Steve Hackett, Colin Moulding, Steve Morse, Rick Wakeman (Yes again), the list goes on and on, even with more (current and former) Yes members.
The result being an album that is still every inch a Sherwood production. But with more colour because of his guests and that is not a bad thing at all. Even when I know he is more than capable of getting it done by himself, it is a nice fresh feel. The album deals with “the Citizen” who travels to various moments in time. The music is what I have come to expect. Melodic, varied, progressive by nature and just Sherwood doing what he does best.

I love this stuff, and encourage you to have a couple of listens, surely you will fall in love with it as well!