Billy Sherwood, The Art Of Survival, 2012

billy sherwood - the art of survivalEver since the appearance of Worldtrade on the music scene, late eighties, I have been an admirer of the skills of Billy Sherwood (also ex-Yes, Circa:). Writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, singer and so on. And one of the most important things is the unique sound he has developed since the second Worldtrade album Euphoria. His brand of melodic progressive rock is musically challenging, artistically valid, as well as highly melodic and recognisable. Just a pity that not enough people are picking up on that. Although, he might not care as his name keeps popping up here and there.

So are his solo albums far off his usual work? Not really. That signature sound is omnipresent on this 9 track, 53+ minute CD. So anyone familiar with his work, will know what to expect. All others might have gotten some clues from the first paragraph. It really seems to make little sense to delve into those songs. This is highly entertaining music that keeps fresh. At least in my humble opinion. Just a pity that most of his solo catalogue is released independently and might suffer from distribution problems. In that case, head on over to his website and pick it up there. It is worth it.