Bjorn Riis, A Storm Is Coming, 2019

bjorn riis - a storm is comingThe third solo album from Airbag co-founder, songwriter and guitarist Bjorn Riis. Riis plays a number of instruments on the album, and gets help from guests on drums, keys, guitar and vocals.
On the album you will find 6 tracks from 3 to 14 minutes, with a total playing time of 51 minutes.

If you already are familiar with his music, I think you already know what to expect. Unknowing fans of bands like Pink Floyd (Gilmour era), Porcupine Tree and latter day Marillion, might like what is going on musically here.

To be honest, even after numerous plays, I still have a bit of trouble to really get into the album. I am guessing this is because of the overall mellow mood and slow tempo of the album. Sure there are some outbursts, but on a whole the energy level is rather low.
For some that may translate into epic, beautiful and enticing, while others might say it is too much of a good thing. All depending on what you are looking for. For me, the album passes along and I hardly ever tap my feet or hum along. Sure, his guitar playing is spot on as always, but I am just not enjoying it as much as I hoped.

Since this is maybe due to my current state of mind, try for yourself, you might feel it differently.