Black Aces, Hellbound, 2014

black aces - hellboundOkay, you take a wild guess as to where this Australian 4 piece is aiming for. If you guessed AC/DC and Rose Tattoo inspired boogie hard rock, then you have guessed right! This EP has 7 songs that cry for beer and party all night long.

The band has already toured extensively in their homeland and the UK and have cut their teeth to develop their take on powerhouse rock ´n roll. And really not much more to say here. The vocals of Tyler Kinder (also lead guitar) may be a somewhat acquired taste, but feels at home with the support of Rhys Collier on rhythm guitar and the not related Alex McMillan on bass and Pete McMillan on drums.

Whilst this thing has just been released to solidify the growing reputation, the band waist no time and are already working on the full length debut which we can expect next year. Nothing new on offer here, but in the style they sure know what they are doing and tick the right boxes. Party on!