Black Aces, Shot In The Dark, 2016

black aces - shot in the darkIn the same line up that recorded the first EP, Black Aces are back with more of the same. Only this time with a full length album of 13 songs in 46 minutes. Don’t know what has happened, but where I thought that EP was a good party starter, now I am left wondering what I have been listening to. And after giving it some thought, I think my main problem are the vocals of Tyler Kinder. And the CD as a whole sounds a bit like a one trick pony. I mean, the album sounds authentic and not over produced, one guitar left and the other on the right, the songs breathe that rock ‘n roll life, the gang vocals are there, the boogie rock of AC/DC and or Rose Tattoo, you name it. But somehow I had a hard time to connect to the album.

Yet, if you like razor-sharp screaming vocals, or like any of the bands I mentioned, you might think I am an utter fool and love this to death. I don’t know, but this time I will take a rain cheque and put on something that suits my tastes better. For instance that Ozzy song with the same title…