Black Country Communion, Self Titled, 2010

black country communionOkay, let´s be honest. Not all the so called super groups, past or present, have proven to be exciting or even operating on a remotely creative peak. So when news got around that Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass), Joe Bonamassa (guitar and vocals), Derek Sherinian (keyboards) and Jason Bonham (drums) had come together, it is always unsure what will be delivered to the hungry masses. Because, on paper, this sounds like a very interesting combination of young, and ehrr, less young talent. And since starting in 2010, they also are about to release a third album… and that besides Joe B churning out his annual albums anyway. How do they do that?

Being the usual late me, I picked up their first one a while back and started listening. And I must say, what I was hearing quite tinkled my musical muscles. Rooted in seventies music, with powerful riffs, Hammond, and that driving beat the Bonham family is famous for, I found myself to be heavily amused by this collection of songs. And songs they are. This isn´t even remotely a cash in on some famous names put together by a production team. This is real music, by real people.

You want proof? Would that type of album feature several tracks clocking in at around 7-8 minutes, or even a 11 minute epic? With extended soloing?
So there you have it, bringing us the more rockier side of Bonamassa, coupled with the rock grooves and vocals of Hughes and backed by the entertaining Sherinian and powerhouse Bonham, this cries out for more!




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