Black Label, Blood Money, 2014

black label - blood moneyThis is another Bad Reputation release, and any regular on the blog will have a pretty clear view on what to expect. Just because the French label is very much at home releasing quality (classic) hard rock. Black Label are another Australian outfit with over 10 years and hundreds of shows under their belt. And surprise, this is actually already their fourth album.

And where the info speaks of blues based rock in the vein of Rose Tattoo and The Angels, the first name that came to my mind while listening was The Cult. Okay, a bit on the heavier side, but still. Steve Mulry´s voice sometimes comes close to that of Ian Ashbury if you ask me. And actually that bit of resemblance is a good thing. Whereas many countrymen play a style near big example AC/DC, these boys have developed a more authentic and thus original style. The thundering grooves are in familiar waters, but as a whole, I think this is a more complete band. With the songs to match, 10 in total, running at just over 3 quarters of an hour. After which you will probably hit repeat.

On this release we also get a bonus disk in the form of the 12 track Live In Berlin CD. Just to give you an appetite of the band. And they mean business! So if you are into melodic hard rock with riffs and groove and attitude, you will not be disappointed.