Black Label Society, Order Of The Black, 2010

black label society - order of the blackOK, Zakk Wylde is at it again! The big man with the huge guitar sound is still ripping it hard. In my previous post I stated I thought the band was not developing anymore. Well, I am quite sure it is not because of those words, but this time around I do think there is a bit more to this album. From skull crushing riff monsters like Crazy Horse, Parade Of the Dead, Riders Of The Damned or Overlord to spine tingling ballads like Darkest Days, Time Waits For No One and especially January (which harkens back to the Book Of Shadows days). And this time not only with piano or acoustic guitar, but strings as well. And they really add depth. Heck, Shallow Grave even got a bit of a Coldplay touch, wish that would play on the radio…

Some may find this a bit ballad heavy with 4 out of 13, but I am liking the balance more on this one. Hey, we all know Zakk is a hell of a guitar player, and we all know he´s got attitude in abundance, but I just like to hear him slowing down and create those beautiful songs with a lot of room to breathe. Chilling stuff in my ears! So enough riffs and solos to please the army, and on top of that some more varied stuff. Yes I am pleased!