Black Majesty, Cross Of Thorns, 2015

black majesty - cross of thornsEver since finding out that The Radio Sun‘s Steve Janevski is also part of this band, I wanted to check them out. This is Black Majesty’s most recent release and it has turned out to be a completely different animal when compared to Steve’s other band. Which is in itself a compliment to the man’s talent.

Black Majesty are more of a power metal outfit. So if you are familiar with that, that means galloping drums, often with double kick, double leads and guitars with more beef than your average pig. Singer John Cavaliere has a fairly light voice, but does the typical high pitched vibrato with ease. So it was a surprise when he sang part of the Out In The Fields cover (Gary Moore) in a much lower register. Quite good actually. Both the singing as the arrangement of this classic.
As a whole this is a tight group and the album gets better with every play. With the style come the genre trademarks, but sometimes the band take a turn left or right and that makes for more diversity, which is a good thing in my book. All in all enough reason for me to delve more into their back catalogue, so power metal fans will enjoy this without doubt.