Blanc Faces, Falling From The Moon, 2009

Blanc Faces - Falling From The MoonSecond album from this band around brothers Robbie (vocals & guitars) and Brian La Blanc (bass), who both also write the majority of the songs.
Heavily influenced by the likes of Journey, Foreigner et al, this is melodic rock by the book. So if you are looking for something new in this genre, keep on searching, this is not your band.

On the other hand, if this style is your thing and you can never stop listening to it, this will prove a welcome addition to your collection. The guys know how to write songs with addictive melodies and sing a long choruses, they know when a track needs a blistering guitar solo, or a break that will add colour to the arrangement. Up-tempo rockers, ballad typed stuff, it is all here.

So all in all very solid and highly enjoyable if you fall in the second category. In all honesty I hope for a little more surprises next time around.

Personal play tips: I Come Alive, DonĀ“t Take It Away, Like A Believer.


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