Blind Alley, Destination Destiny, 2007

blind alley - destination destinyThe second album by the Swedes of Blind Alley (one of many bands with that name) is called Destination Destiny and was released in 2007 on Perris Records. My version contains a second disk from that label with 1 to 2 minute samples of 44 tracks. Don´t know if that is gonna help much…

The band consists of a drummer and 4 vocalists (!) one of which is also the multi instrumentalist and principal song writer. His name is Magnus Olsson.

The music of Blind Alley is best described as melodic (hard) rock. Despite all the lead vocalists, it isn´t a patchy affair. In fact it is quite good. Magnus writes a decent tune, and also plays very well on any instrument of choice. And on some occasions, when you start thinking a song is of a somewhat lesser level, he surprises with a part that blows your socks off. Especially his guitar solo´s are always of high calibre and really lift the quality.
I feel that anyone into Giant, Journey, Grand Illusion, or bands that involve Tommy Denander, will find this to their liking.

Personal play tips: Voices, Silhouette, Victory.