Blind Ego, Preaching To The Choir, 2020

blind ego - preaching to the choirWhile this marks the first Blind Ego album to get a feature, it certainly is not the first time Kalle Wallner (RPWL) makes an appearance. And if this album is anything to go by, I certainly need to check out previous releases.

Especially people like me, who are quite fond of progressive music that is melodic and wanders between rock and metal and is not afraid to add dynamic passages, cannot really go wrong with this album. I was hooked the first time listening so that makes for an easy write up.
Openers Massive and the title track make it very clear what you can expect, riffs, solos, great singing and a surprise here and there. What else do you need? Lot’s of groove present too.

Combine that with what I said before and a band that writes songs instead of vehicles to show off technical prowess and you will understand why I can fully recommend this!