Bluerose, Darkness And Light, 2013

bluerose - darkness and lightAfter a minute of suspense sounds, this album kicks into gear with the title track. And kick it does. The quartet of songwriter Riccardo Scaramelli (also vocals, guitars and synths), Giuliano Soranno (leadguitar), Guido Lucchese (bass and backing vocals) and Cristiano Primosi (drums), must have been raised on a healthy dose of Led Zeppelin, Dio, and Van Halen, spiced with some more progressive influences. But main meal here is hard rock, with strong emphasis on big grooves Bonham style, shredding solos and melodic choruses that any hair band from the eighties would have been proud to record in their hey day.

So now we know that Italy has even more to offer than I said in an earlier post. Well, no news here! These guys sound so confident and international, if they had told me they were raised on Sunset Strip, I would have believed them. So this is boasting with confidence and energy, and the type of swagger needed to pull this of. In fact, the only let down is the fact that the 8 songs total a mere 35 minutes of music. Would have loved to have a minute or 50 from this. Fingers crossed we get more of Bluerose in the future. So start clicking the link below and get it. Now I am hoping their label Area Sonica Records has more of this quality on offer…