BlurryCloud, Pedesis, 2018

blurrycloud - pedesisSecond feature of this one man band, and it is also the second release. Yet this time things have been done different a bit by main man Jack DeMaio.

First is involving several guests throughout the 6 tracks on offer. Second is the inclusion of vocals in A Lilac Husk, making this not a 100% instrumental affair. And lastly, but certainly creating a big effect, is the maturing in the songwriting. More focus on “a far more paced and handcrafted sound with a clearer stylistic approach” as he calls it. And even when inspirations from for instance Devin Townsend or Caligula’s Horse still are a part of the end result, I think Jack has created a beautiful album here.

From the opening tones of Flutter to closer Fleur De Lune, we are treated to beautiful atmospheric passages as well as riff laden progressive metal. But the overall sense pouring is that the central theme of the album is represented oh so well: natural beauty that degrades with time. So while the tone may be sombre, or rather melancholic, you just have to stop and smell the roses. Or in this case, hit repeat.

Very well done!