Bob Catley, Spirit Of Man, 2006

BOB CATLEY - Spirit of ManBeing very fond of the voice of Magnum´s vocalist Bob Catley, and owning most of his solo disks, this one somehow slipped under the radar. But a few years late it also managed to pop up in my cd player. (though to be honest, 4 years isn´t that bad at all…)

One thing you can always be certain of; Bob delivers his material with everything he has in him. He never fails.
But of course, every singer depends on the material handed to him. For this Bob always relies on outside writers. In this case it´s guitarist and producer Vince O´Regan (Eden), with Dave Thompson and Paul Uttley. I am sorry to say I can´t recall the last names, apologies.

So maybe it is evident that this disk is a little more about guitars, with a less epic feel. Perhaps not his best to date, but that may be due to my taste for the more symphonic styled epics. Here we get one, album closer End Of The Story. Some songs sound a bit unimaginative to me. And it is also a pity that much of the Hammond here sounds a bit cheesy, not the real deal I´m afraid. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the album.

All in all this is still a safe buy for people who are into Magnum, Bob Catley, British styled melodic rock, and like the odd symphonic track.

Personal play tips: Heart Of Stone, In The Name Of The Cause, End Of The Story.