Bolus, Triangulate, 2013

bolus - triangulateDespite being fairly late with talking about this release, I still want to write some words about this album from the nice guys of Bolus. And that is due to my opinion that this is a criminally overlooked album that deserves a place in any prog rock collection. The trio of Nick Karch (vocals, guitars, banjo and keyboards), Mat Keselman (drums, percussion, vocals and keyboards) and Daniel Avner (bass and vocals) create a wonderful moody version of progressive rock that borders into several other genres. A touch of metal, a dash of ambient, and an ounce of pop add to the prog rock core.

And that all accumulates into an album that enchants from first listen. Great melodic vocals, often with shining harmonies. Intricate arrangements, that go from whisper soft to metallic hard and back again. Just listen to the track The Study Of Madness and withstand it’s attraction. Mission impossible if you ask me. And more songs, if not all, have that enticing quality about them. Smoke At The Mirror, Spurs, Revise, I love them all. If you need more reference, think Godsticks. Another band that combines head and heart. Essential stuff ladies and gentlemen, so go click and buy!