Brandon White, In My Younger Dreams, 2013

brandon white - in my younger dreamsSince 2009 Brandon White is a slowly rising star in the wondrous world of music and already big shots are naming him ” the killer young talent from Arkansas”. This, his third release, only proves that he is on his way to bigger things. Accompanying Brandon are his band, The Essential. In the first song on offer he sings he is reaching out with his voice. And that he does. With a voice that I would like to describe as warm, full of character and with a nice little rough edge where the song needs it, he is able to reach out to his audience and grab them by the throat. Nothing cocky or thought up by marketing experts, but true and authentic.

Although the album is fairly short with 8 songs clocking in at about 35 minutes, the time is well used. Part of the songs are intimate, almost singer-songwriter like, with just guitar and vocal. Other are full throttle rock songs with strong pop sensibilities. Emphasis is on melody and emotion. I read in the press information that this album is a way for Brandon to cope with his father´s battle with cancer. And it has been said before, challenges in life often provide the perfect soil for creating beautiful music. Even if some is written in cooperation with Nashville hotshots, hats off. Great album from a gifted singer, get it!