Brent James, Moment Of Silence, 2011

Brent James & The Contraband - Moment Of SilenceBefore anyone shouts out at me, yes, the full name is Brent James & The Contraband. With Brent being the singer and The Contraband being, well eh, the band. For the CD they recruited even more people to add their skills. Not sure if they are big names (which says they are not), but the important thing here is delivery.
All this resulting in a CD that sounds like a combination of modern and classic rock. And it is a winning combination too, as the album is a joy to listen to. I am always bad at drawing comparisons. But imagine the big rock names from the 70´s, being born a decade or so later and coming to fruition in these times. A kind of less retro The Black Crowes if you will.

So it is honest music, with emphasis on the song and the melodies. Up to date sound, nothing all too fancy, but still enough happening to add beautiful colours. Music that is hard to resist, so ready to light up every occasion. I like it, it is good. And to quote even more, “if you like it now, you´ll learn to love it later” … So it´s hard to mention specific tracks, it is best enjoyed in its entirety!


2 thoughts on “Brent James, Moment Of Silence, 2011

  1. After seeing them at a local venue, I bought the CD and have been to several of their shows since. Their talent is EPIC. Brent James is a modern day Evil Kenevil of music. Not too scared too take risks, yet making it look like childs play. Having had a chance to meet and chat with the guys in the band, I can say that their personalities are second to none. They are all full of heart and soul, and it shows in their music. Matt Hayes, master of the drums, is amazing to watch. At being almost 7 ft tall, his arms are as fast as they are long, utterly leaving you speechless and you can do nothing but just watch in awe. Same goes for J Kott and Mike P…J not only rocks the bass, his back-up vocals make you feel soul like you’ve never felt before. Mike P is the Pied Piper on guitar. I’ve never before seen a live performer on guitar who is able to play nearly a whole song with one hand! My only problem when I go see them? Who to watch!!

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