Broach, My Darkest Hour, 2011

broach - my darkest hourHello there to these four youngsters from the South of Germany. But if they had told me they come from Canada, I would have believed it also. And not only because they operate in the same genre as famed predecessors Nickelback. Also because the appeal is instant and the sound international and way beyond their years.

With songs like Falling, Last Dance or Broken, they should be on their way to success. The riffs are solid, the melodies are shiny and the melancholic mood is set. Even if singer Andi Kofler is not always a 100% spot on, his charisma and delivery should pave the way to many young girl´s heart. Hey, and I don´t mind that little roughness around the edges either.

So a very solid and promising way to start a career, check them out!