Bryan Cole, Sands Of Time, 2016

bryan-cole---sands-of-timeMelodic Rock Records releases are becoming a regular guest here on the blog. And now it is time for Bryan Cole to be featured. More specifically with his debut Sands Of Time. Anyone familiar with the label will already have a clue as to what to expect. And if not, then I guess the name of the label is giving it away easy… 🙂

And while I can honestly say the name did not ring any bells with me, looking at the song writing team, there are quite some names present besides Bryan: Jim Peterik of Survivor and Pride Of Lions Fame, Brett Walker and more… not bad!
So one of Pittsburgh’s most talented sons sure got on a head start here. And while we are throwing names around like candy on Halloween, more musical references are Giant and Bad English. That should in fact tell you all you need to know. Because let’s face it, mister McNeice has a knack for delivering artists that fit his label and Cole does not disappoint. At all!
If anything, for a debut this sounds confident and mature. Soaring vocals, guitar solos, tons of harmony vocals, all there. And the songs are there too, but with the names involved that was kind of a no-brainer.

So another simple one, buy!


PS: turns out this is also blog post 1000! Reason to celebrate a bit, YAY!