Bulletboys, 10c Billionaire, 2009

bulletboys - 10c billionaireWhoah! I had little idea what was coming at me, so I was quite unaware of all things blazing at me when this disk fired up. I expected a kind of glam band rocking away. But if anything, this is a kind of rock album with a lot of punk attitude! Attitude being the key word here. A strange melting pot of Cheap Trick, Ramones, Enuff Znuff and maybe Extreme with Offspring.

This is groovy, hard hitting yet melodic rock with enormous balls. This is kick ass and in your face. In about 40 minutes the boys fire their way through 11 songs and are clearly not out to take prisoners. If anything this is meant to party. Hard and long. Wild and free. Have fun with the Bulletboys, that is what they are up to. Probably the kind of guys mothers warn their daughters for, so expose yourself at your own risk… So no lallagaggin’, join in and stay up late! 😛