Burning Point, Empyre, 2009

Burning Point - EmpyreA review of a disk like this is always a bit of a challenge. The reason for this being that Burning Point are a very mature metal band, and the album is a quality delivery of their talent. But the music is pretty safe within the chosen style and brings little new things to the table.  So for the adventurers out there, you may find this a bit limited.

But to all lovers of melodic or power metal, check this out! The band have written some very nice tunes, the playing and production is above average so all in all this comes very recommended. Some songs are straight in your face like Empyre or Fools Parade. And a song like Was It Me might even turn a few heads because of the beautiful arrangement, especially in the bass playing.
Enough guitar solo´s and riffs around to flex your neck muscles and plenty of melodies that will stick in your mind. Singer and guitar player Pete Ahonen has a mid range voice but the use of many backing vocals really smoothens the sphere.
And of course, no power metal album without galloping double kick parts, so you have been warned. Enjoy!