Carpe Nota, Self Titled, 2012

carpe notaHey, have you heard this new band, Carpe Nota?
“What, Carpe Diem?”
No Carpe Nota, seize the note!
“Can´t say I have, what about them?”
Well,they just released their first album of instrumental progressive rock, and I think you should check them out.
“Okay, why?”
Because I say so of course. and because they are good musicians, have written and recorded 8 tracks with almost 70 minutes of music and I think they have developed a style of their own.
“Who do they sound like then?”
That is a tough question. They have an obvious love for 70´s progressive music, but have added a lot more modern influences as well. So the music has quite a dynamic range, with guitars and keyboards trading solo´s and sounds ranging from Hammond and Moog like to those clicks and bleeps of nowadays synthesisers. And they switch from fast and heavy to tranquil only to turn left and return on a groove.
“Okay I get it, you like them. Nothing to complain then?”
If I should mention one thing, that is I think the album would benefit from a bit more punch. It sounds transparent albeit a little flat. Not that it is bad, and this has been done before. But I think it would bring the heavy parts more to the fore. Yet this is a personal thing, other people might think otherwise.
“I´m convinced, where can I get it?”


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