Classic: Signal, Loud & Clear, 1989

Not entirely sure, but I think that this album was my first encounter with the mighty vocals of Mark (now Marcie) Free

Classic: Enchant, Wounded, 1996

My first album from Enchant was actually their second release. But ever since, I have been buying all their output without a

Classic: House Of Shakira, Lint, 1997

Listening to the recent House Of Shakira album Sour Grapes, my thoughts automatically drifted back to their 1997 debut Lint. So I

Classic: Black Sabbath, Headless Cross, 1989

Well, I guess some will be frowning and considering how on earth I got this one so wrong. But I really don’t

Classic: Saga, Silent Knight, 1980

When a number of songs out of 8 are kind of obligatory in a live set, even after over 30 years, you

Classic: Giant, Last Of The Runaways, 1989

Talking about bursting unto the scene! The opening guitar of I’m A Believer shook many a home at the day, believe me!

Classic: Extreme, Pornograffitti, 1990

Released in 1990, so 25 years ago, this was the second album by American rock band Extreme and quite a step up

Classic: Kate Bush, Hounds Of Love, 1985

Just realised I haven’t done a classic in quite a while, so here we go again. Guess it is pretty obvious that

Classic: Spock’s Beard, The Kindness Of Strangers, 1997

While listening to Songs From November by Neal Morse the past week, I realised how much I love his brand of progressive

Classic: Ambrosia, Road Island, 1982

Ambrosia, the seventies prog band that turned Westcoast AOR. But damn, they were good at both! Still, since my love for them

Classic: Shooting Star, It´s Not Over, 1991

One of my favourite albums from the early nineties is this one from American melodic rock band Shooting Star. Opening with the

Classic: Ozzy Osbourne, No More Tears, 1991

Can´t believe this has been available since 1991. Remember it like yesterday! Opening with Mr. Tinkertrain, with a four on the floor

Classic: Triumph, The Sport Of Kings, 1986

Yeah I know, with a back catalogue like that of Canadians Triumph, it is pretty hard to pick just the one album

Classic: Chris Rea, Wired To The Moon, 1984

Chris Rea might not immediately strike a feeling of recognition with you, but when I say Josephine, On the Beach, I Can