Ninth Of May release Bend

Just when you thought 2017 was going to be a repeat of crappy old 2016, along comes Ninth Of May to save the day.

The completely independent, powerhouse Brisbane 5-piece are back doing what they do best with the release of their new single, and corresponding film clip, ‘Bend’. Whilst it is a slight deviation from their previous endeavours, the super heavy guitars, pounding drums, hooky vocals and synth bass of ‘Bend’ are all undeniably “Ninth Of May”. One listen through will reinforce the fact that ‘Bend’ really is a dichotomy, beautiful yet heavy as F! Recorded and produced 100% in-house, ‘Bend’ is an example of a band truly defining their sound and doing things purely on their own terms. Playing to their strengths and relying solely on their own instincts and experience, ‘Bend’ is possibly the strongest release from Ninth Of May to date.

Status update

As I have mentioned through my twitter account, updates on the blog have been extremely slow. This was due to the fact that I felt forced to switch host. As it turned out the performance problems that kept getting worse by the day, were due to the fact that the new owner of my ISP stopped updating the server and software. Thus creating an unstable environment for my blog to work under. Writing a new post was taking me a couple of hours instead of the usual time. Let alone the amounts of spam that were seeping through.

So after a lot of frustration I decided it was better to move on. And with the help of my new found ISP, the blog now has a new home and better tech specs than ever. Which I hope will make scrolling these pages even more fun / quick. Took a lot of time and money, so won’t mind if some of you hit that donate button on the top…

And now back to writing, have a lot of catching up to do!

Apologies to the artists waiting, hope you all understand.

Age Of Aquarius see Mercury rising

Age Of Aquarius have released a second video from their Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius debut. It is the dark yet beautiful ballad Mercury Rising, here fitted with simple and effective imagery. Have a look:

Moonjune Records celebrates

moonjune 2016

Dear Friends in Music

MoonJune Records had a truly amazing year. 2016 was a celebration of outstanding and exceptional music, courtesy of my dear friends and extraordinary artists Dwiki Dharmawan, Dewa Budjana, Nicolas Meier, Stick Men, Markus Reuter, Asaf Sirkis, Boris Savoldelli (with Bardoscia/Casarano), Zhongyu, Beledo, Vasil Hadzimanov, Marbin. In 2016, MoonJune Records celebrated 15 years since its inception in June of 2001.

To celebrate 2016 and to wish You the most prosperous 2017, I would like to invite You to download this great MoonJune Records Sampler (88 tunes from 88 albums) of progressive music exploring and expanding boundaries of jazz, rock, avant, ethno, the unknown and anything in between and beyond. The sampler will be available for a modest price of $10.

Direct link:

And I hope that this can inspire You to get full albums either as Digital Download (FLAC/ALAC/M4A, WAV, MP3-320), on CD or on LP (selected titles), for which I am offering You 15% discount at the checkout, using the code: moonjune2016

The whole catalog available at:


Give In to Soto

The band SOTO, fronted of course by none other than the mighty Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, W.E.T., Trans-Siberian Orchestra to name a few) have parted ways with their record company. In Jeff’s words:

We have decided to forge ahead independently as we continue to bring you new music into the future. I’m not divulging anything new on how the music business has dramatically changed so much the past years…but we decided to change with it and our plan starts with YOU in mind later this week.

As a gift to you all for the holidays, we have recorded our own heavy version of the incredible Michael Jackson song ‘Give In To Me’ and are giving it to you FREE as a digital download!

And also check the video for it:

The latest videos from Rock Company

Just to show that the Rock Company label is indeed serving Music For All Moods, here are the latest videos from their roster:

First is the track Darling Jupiter from Age Of Aquarius. Expect their album early February 2017:

Next is the recently released ‘HAUNTED is the house’ from Earthshine’s album Ghost In The Machine. Check the chilled and suspense electronic music:

And last but not least are Forest Field. Their current album Lonely Desert is raising their profile fast. So check out the video EPK for the album:


Forest Field to release Lonely Desert

forest-field-lonely-desertForest Field are back with  their fourth full length album. After the award winning Angels? album (best Rock album of 2015 on One World Music Radio), Forest Field just dived in with eyes closed and set out to make an even more exciting album. Loosely based on the Dune saga from Frank Herbert and other science fiction topics, Lonely Desert raises the bar even further. From instrumental tracks, to the epic Fear, the band bring their trademark melodies, harmonies and impressive guitar work to the next level. Let alone the beautiful art from the famous Blekkmark Design Studio…
The pre order runs until the release date October 21, so head to Rock Company to save some money!


  1. Valley Of Pain (7:10)
  2. Coriolis (7:01)
  3. Doomed In The Desert (6:21)
  4. Alienation (Stranger In Me) (5:08)
  5. To Bits (3:01)
  6. Asleep (5:24)
  7. Into The Light (5:25)
  8. Riding The Worm (3:27)
  9. The Confrontation (5:05)
  10. Fear (15:10)

Listen to the EPK with several tracks on Soundcloud:


New Lee Kerslake EP coming

lee kerslakeHello My Friend,

You may (or may not) know me as the former drummer of Uriah Heep. I have some great news! I have just finished recording a new EP and on 18th September this year at the famous 100 Club in London I am throwing a party; The Lee Kerslake Rock Party, with some famous guests coming along. Proceeds will go towards The Nightingale Cancer Support Group who helped save my life!

Check out this link for more details. Please keep an eye on my Twitter page for more information on this, or you can follow me on Facebook at Thank you for your interest and support!

Lee Kerslake

Rock Company present new signing: Sixtynine!

photo by Valentin Casarsa

Rock Company is very proud to announce the signing of prime Slovenian hard rock band Sixtynine! The international release of their album You Are Me (including no less that 3 bonus videos) is set for September 2, 2016.

They like to call it „Organic R&R“, a brew of the sinergy between band members Tomaž Klepač (lead vocals & acoustic guitar), Tadej Tadič (electric guitars), Danijel Brezec (bass guitar) and Igor Marasovič (drums & percussion). And it is as hard hitting as the most potent organic ales or concoctions, a contemporary blend of rock that is firmly, audibly and shamelessly rooted in the very best & most iconic rock classics, and that despite its’ modern approach has been crafted and recorded without the all to present conteporary aids such as autotune, drum replacement or timing adjustment or groove quantizing, samples, virtual instruments or guitar amp simulators. Organic, indeed!

A first taste of what you can expect:

MoonJune’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

moonjuneThis month, MoonJune Records celebrates its 15th Anniversary. Even though my first three releases were manufactured by my friends at DiskMakers in May of 2001, I consider that MoonJune Records actually started on June 23rd 2001, on the first day of the third annual progressive rock festival NEARFest, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the first public appearance as a news record label and one of the festival’s vendors. Exactly one year before, at the second annual NEARFest, I have discovered what became one of my favorite, and one of the label’s most celebrated bands, progressive rock fusion quartet from Verona, Italy –  Duty Free Area, known as D.F.A. 

Their stellar performance at NEARFest  in the early afternoon on June 17th, 2000, when D.F.A. took the stage for their first-ever live performance in the USA, and It most certainly marked the beginning of the band’s International career, and was their first major exposure outside the confines of their native  Italy, a country with a rich progressive music history. Many among the large audience of progressive music enthusiasts at NEARfest were obviously unfamiliar with the Italian band and their music, but as the show progressed it became evident that history was in the making. Each successive song was greeted with a bigger roar of applause. Recorded with crystal clarity, this is an exceptional recording of a very special live performance. “Work In Progress Live” marks the official beginning of MoonJune Records, being one of the labels most successful and critically most acclaimed albums. D.F.A. performed a number of exciting individual and festival shows in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Belgium, Germany and all around Italy. After the release of the studio album “4th” in 2008, another of the great and critically acclaimed MoonJune‘s albums in the label’s 15 years history, a tragic event marked the end of the band’s career. Alberto Bonomi, D.F.A.’s keyboardist, and with the drummer Alberto De Grandis, the band’s main composer, died in a car accident on Sunday, June 28th, 2011, at the age of 48.

To celebrate 15th years of MoonJune Records and to celebrate the legacy of an extraordinary musician and a very dear friend, “Maestro” Alberto Bino Bonomi, – MoonJune Records is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of their celebrated live album “Work In Progress Live”. This special offer is valid until Sunday, June 26. Despite the band’s semi-legendary status in the progressive rock circuits, many fans of the genre are still unaware of this truly fantastic band, and of the great talent of Alberto Bonomi. 

Thanks for the continuous support to the Independent Music cause.

Leonardo Pavkovic
MoonJune Records