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Since early May the site kept running into vague troubles which ultimately proved to stem from the counter I was using on

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks and thanks for visiting the blog and keep reading the stuff I write. 2016 has been strange. We

Like the blog? Please help

Really proud to see that the blog is currently hitting over 50.000 counts per month. It really is a journey and warms

1.5 million!

Just when I am not looking, the site has passed the 1.5 million views… What can I say except THANK YOU ALL!

Site Stats

The friendly people at WordPress have gathered some data about the site that I wanted to share. Just follow the link to

Small site update

Hi there, a minor site update today: all classic albums and all album reviews that were published this year, have the year

2 years of YMB!

Hi there readers, it just dawned on me that YourMusicBlog is active now for over 2 years! Happy anniversary to YMB, Hurray!

David Jerkins Battlestations – Special

So how come a guy that has created over 125 songs, does not have an album? Guess he never felt the need

The Beatles

Been playing The Beatles…

Blog is still growing!

Just about 9 months under way and the blog is really going well. When I started…

Happy New Year!

Happy new year.

Cover Albums – what are they good for?

Some thoughts about the releasing of cover albums by well known artists after listening to Toto┬┤s Through The Looking Glass album from 2002.

still alive!

short update on my status…

Classic Music and Children

Some thoughts about music and children.