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Since early May the site kept running into vague troubles which ultimately proved to stem from the counter I was using on the blog. So after disabling that all functions were back to normal. Except for me having a clue where I was at visitor wise. Last time I remember it was somewhere between 3.5 and 4 million…

Anyway, the numbers are rising again 🙂

Happy New Year!

happy new year 2017

Happy New Year folks and thanks for visiting the blog and keep reading the stuff I write.

2016 has been strange. We lost a lot of great musicians, and many of you will also have lost someone dear. And since a lot of the famous are reaching into their sixties and seventies, we probably will have not seen the last of it either, sadly.

A lot of people still think that stealing music is okay. Which is a criminal injustice to all the hard working ladies and gents trying to create beautiful art and invest heavily into gear, practise, recording, artwork, etc. If you care about it, please buy the music you love and support your favourites.

On the upside: the blog has seen over 90 posts last year and is a few shy of hitting 1000 articles. Visits have passed 3.5 million. Never could have imagined these numbers when I first started this in April 2010. If you enjoy it, you are welcome to make a little donation to my work (see the button on the top left). No matter how great or small, all is welcome and helps me keep this free and bring you new (and sometimes old) musical discoveries.

That is it for now, on to more music. Best wishes, keep safe!

Like the blog? Please help

donateReally proud to see that the blog is currently hitting over 50.000 counts per month. It really is a journey and warms my heart to see numbers like this. And I hope the featured artists will benefit from this as well. After all, that is why the blog exists.

But this is a labour of love and times are getting rougher. Maintaining this site costs effort and money. I know there are many magazines and sites out there that charge for their words. But I want to try to avoid that route. Also I want to try to keep advertisements to a minimum. And people are not clicking them anyway…

So I added a Donate button in the left menu. Simple safe and secure, and for any amount you wish to spare. It will help me keep going at this! So Promoters, Bands and Fans, hope you can and will help!

Cheers  Peter and thanks in advance if you do. Rock on!

1.5 million!

Just when I am not looking, the site has passed the 1.5 million views… What can I say except THANK YOU ALL!

I know things are a bit quiet this month, but the pace will soon pick up.

Now on to 2.000.000….

Site Stats

your music blog 2014The friendly people at WordPress have gathered some data about the site that I wanted to share. Just follow the link to read the full report.

Visitors from 98 countries, older posts that still get views, 106 additions this year, wow!
However, there is a difference in the visitors count that I cannot figure out. The site counter is way ahead of the Jetpack counts, but anyway the numbers are not bad. 🙂

Thank you all and see you next time!

Small site update

Hi there,

a minor site update today: all classic albums and all album reviews that were published this year, have the year tag added. Thought it would be fun to see what years pop up most on the site. Alas it will take me too much time to rework that for all posts, so it will build from 2012 on.

cheers, Peter

2 years of YMB!

Hi there readers,

it just dawned on me that YourMusicBlog is active now for over 2 years! Happy anniversary to YMB, Hurray!

And since moving to this URL, things have gone better on many levels. Just the financial side of things could be better. (it helps if you click on the advertisements on the left) But getting more and more music is wonderful. Getting more and more visits is awesome. And some people even like a post or comment. Thanks for that!
One change I am making: the Classic posts will become more rarer. Not because I don´t have inspiration or material to choose from, but just because there are so many albums waiting to be played.

So onwards and upwards then.

Cheers, Peter


David Jerkins Battlestations – Special

So how come a guy that has created over 125 songs, does not have an album? Guess he never felt the need for that. And maybe it is because David does not want to limit himself to a specific genre. So when he got in touch asking if I´d give his work a listen, we agreed upon him sending me a cross-section of his output. With styles ranging from soundtrack, electronic, new age and ambient, to rock and metal in its various appearances.
David is a multi instrumentalist, creating images with sound. He does everything himself, delivering drums, percussion, guitars, bass, and all kinds of electronics on keyboards. He also sings on several of the tracks.

What became evident after listening to this compilation, is that he must have a vivid imagination. A track like Desert Sands convinces and could easily be mistaken for an original Eastern track. Beauty And Glamour is a pop song with a strong New Wave reference. Also his singing fits seamlessly. The groove is close to Midnight Oil´s Beds Are Burning. Cool vibe. Here To Love You mixes electronic dance with rock and works surprisingly well. Almost a more rocking version of Depeche Mode.

As it turns out, David is very comfortable playing guitars and keyboards. He has taste, knows his way around the instruments and is able to convert the images in his head to accessible music. So instrumental tracks like Sad Day and The Chase are great to listen to as well.
But there is room for improvement also. (Hard) rocking tracks like I Hate You, Image or Don´t Say I Didn´t Warn You would benefit from being sung by a real rock singer. David´s voice is a little too clean in my perception. Maybe if he would layer it with harmony vocals? Also the bass is primarily deep. So you feel it rather than hear it. But let´s be honest, all that might be a matter of taste rather than opinion. It still rocks!

So something for everyone and I would like to encourage you to take a dive and listen to this impressive body of work. Just follow the link.


The Beatles

the beatlesThis week I got a couple of Beatles Remasters, released in 2009 that I was able to buy at a recent sale. Well you know, even though a lot of their stuff was released before I was even born, I really dig their stuff. I mean, the sixties, and still a lot of people cite them!

Previously I had some of their output on LP (…for you youngsters, this is like a big black CD…) and on CD only the famous blue and red compilations. So owning some more on CD, with all the extended booklets, is quite nice.
I prefer the second half of their career (starting with Rubber Soul) and am amazed at how these remasters sound. Just realizing they did practically invent multi-tracking with all their wild and crazy ideas is kind of mind blowing. Makes me wanna buy all that stuff on CD, but alas my wallet won´t let me. Anyway, will soon hit play on CD 2 of the white album again and then it is on to Abbey Road. “You Never Give Me Your Money”  anyone? 😉

Blog is still growing!

Just about 9 months under way and the blog is really going well. When I started I had little idea on how this would go, but with almost 200 posts and over 3500 visitors I reckon things are going quite well! Especially since opening a page on MySpace, visits have increased rapidly.

So again, thanks for visiting, and keep coming back.

And if you are in a band and would like to be featured here as well, get in touch!

Cheers, Peter