Charlie, Kitchens Of Distinction, 2009

charlie - kichens of distinctionMy first encounter with the band Charlie must have been the Good Morning America album from 1981. To me a classic rock album (which I should feature in the Classic series some day). From the 70 to mid 80´s they have released a string of quality rock albums and then things went silent. Except for some members making names for themselves. So people like Julian Colbeck or ace producer Terry Thomas will ring some bells.

And now Charlie are back. And back with a vengeance I might add. Losing nothing of their appeal and again producing (well, they have the star quality for that I guess) a rock album that is on par with the best of their previous output. And because of the updated sound, I might even consider this their best album yet! Yes I know, that is a bold statement, but I fell this album deserves the praise.

This really is filled to the brim with immense tunes. Touching on a number of subjects (a lot about the spoilt life of the rich and famous) and delivered with infectious melodies, stellar playing, hard hitting riffs (a notch or 2 harder than I remember from the past) and more variety than the average car catalogue, this is an album for everyone into melodic rock with slight progressive overtones, or just plain rock in general. Classy, and leaves you wanting more. And gentlemen, please don´t let us wait another 25 years…