Cherry Grind, A Room With A View, 2016

cherry grind - a room with a viewAnother band from Down Under and once more on the Bad Reputation label. And reading through the press sheet really put a smile on my face. But I can understand that the record label needs to exaggerate a bit in order to attract people to listen to their releases.

Yet in this case, I think the band have the power to hook their innocent prey themselves. Firmly rooted in seventies hard rock, but with an up to date sound, these guys are doing it by working their collective butts off and road testing all they have before live audiences in the infamous Aussie pub circuit.
And thus this album delivers 11 originals and for the European market the bonus track Tin Soldier (Small Faces). And from the first seconds I was captivated by the performance and the songs. Singer Sam Patsouris has a fairly high pitched delivery, but oozes some kind of animal attraction. Cleverly supported by harmony vocals here and there, and swirling over massive riffs and infectious grooves. And the songs have enough hooks and melody to angle in any unknowing soul.  From rocking out in No One Home, melodic in Reason Says, or to the beautiful (semi) ballad Sunlight, everything is delivered with panache and style.

There is no doubt in my mind a lot of people will dig this, so go check them out!