Chickenfoot, Same, 2009

chickenfoot - sameA supergroup if ever there was one! Consisting of Chad Smith on drums (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Michael Anthony on bass (ex Van Halen) and Sammy Hagar on vocals and Joe Satriani on guitars. All people who have earned their place in rock, so I believe them when they say they do this for the fun of it.  But is being famous enough for making a great record together, that is the question.

The answer is simple in this case, yes it is. This is all about songs and fun. This is about enjoying each others company as well as pleasing the audience. This is about rocking out, about the groove, about playing all the right notes. This is about true emotions and true intentions. This is recognisable, yet new. This is not Van Halen, but Sammy and Michael, still singing together and sounding great. This is not about Joe´s shredding, but yet he still plays oh so well and Michael backs him up accordingly. This is Chad rocking out like never before, but without losing his groove.

This is feel good stuff with some killer tracks. It gets better every time I play it! Oh, and the digipack edition I bought is a little weird. I was wondering where the song titles were. After holding the album for a while, the black cover slowly disappeared and revealed all the details. Nice trick.

Personal play tips: Soap On A Rope, Get It Up, Turning Left.