China Blue, Twilight Of Destiny, 2008

China Blue - Twilight Of DestinySome well known names on board here: singerĀ  Tony Mills (TNT, SHY) is lending his vocal cords to a lot of bands these days, and Eric Ragno on keyboards also has had his share of visibility the last couple of years.

So the test is; did they release a valid album? And the answer is yes folks, I think they did.

This is melodic hard rock the way I like it. Everyone sounds very inspired and the songs just bring a smile to your face listening to them. So you get your big melodic choruses, keyboard intros and arrangements, rocking guitars and hot solo’s, just as the doctor ordered. It is served well and I eat it up with ease.
I think anyone into melodic hard rock (Journey and the like) will love this album the way I do. Okay, nothing ground breaking perhaps, but innovation is not key. Playing good songs, delivered with the style and sound to match, that is what counts here. And truth be told, some songs do manage to surprise! So you know what you have got to do…. a must buy.

Personal play tips: I Feel Like Dying, Changing Ways or Passions will tell you everything you need to know (as will probably any other track).