Chris Caffery, House Of Insanity, 2009

chris caffery - house of insanityIn all honesty, the first few tracks of this album did not hit home when I started playing the CD. Previous output of Chris Caffery (guitar player for Savatage and Trans Siberian Orchestra) proved a welcome addition, but I noticed I was not all that impressed at first. But like many times before, once you start repeating, you grow into the album.

The musical style of Caffery resembles that of his former band Savatage. Even his singing is not that far away from that of the mountain king (Jon Oliva) himself.  I might even be so bold as to say that anyone waiting for new Savatage output might just as well pick up the CD’s from Caffery. The fact that other Savatage singer Zak Stevens guests on 1 track further supports that suggestion.
So I guess anyone into this type of music will know what to expect. And despite not all songs being top notch, there is enough convincing material (and some really great songs) on offer to make you like the disk. Just remember it needs some time to adjust yourself to it. All the loved trademarks are available: power, riffs, solo´s, fierce singing, songs with depth. You name it, you get it. Metaaaalllll!