Chris Laney, Only Come Out At Night, 2010

chris laney - only come out at nightMetal Heaven boss Georg also runs the AOR Heaven online cd mail order company. With my latest order there, he was so kind as to give me a promotional copy of this second Chris Laney release called Only Come Out At Night. It follows hot on the heels of his 2009 d├ębut Pure. More on that one later by the way.

This album turned out to be a nice batch of hard rock songs! Chris has a decent voice (I still have a hard time finding a reference to it) that, although not in the league of people like Jorn Lande or Russel Allen, still has the quality to attract. But he is also a multi instrumentalist handling everything except drums. Yet he also lets a lot of people guest on his records. And as he works in world famous Polar Studios, his address book is quite extensive and caries some well known names.

The record shows an inspired and versatile musician that rocks, puts his flying V guitar to good use and writes songs with hooks and melodies that stick in your ear like a q-tip on steroids. As the promo copy has some secret fades (really annoying actually, but I understand the measure), this will become a part of my to buy list. Hear it.

Personal play tips: Rockstar, Daydream, Playing With Fire.