Chris Laney, Pure, 2009

chris laney - pureIn my previous review I already suggested you should organise some beer and friends and have a party. Well the next album you are gonna play that evening could be this Pure fun rocking album by Chris Laney.

After all, that is what I feel will do justice to the music. Nothing too complicated, just a lot of fun hard rocking tracks. Everything you could want in a party album is here. Sing along choruses, guitars, upbeat moods, melodic soloing, variety in tempo and fairly straight ahead songs.
The voice of Laney may be an acquired taste with its raspy overtones, but I think it suits the sound just fine. Speaking of sound, Laney is a veteran of the scene, so knows exactly how to make everything sound good, no worries there.
So another one to add to your buy list if you like this type of music.

Personal play tips: Situation, Pissed At What Ya Missed, Last Man Standing.