Circle II Circle, Burden Of Truth, 2006

CIRCLE II CIRCLE - Burden of TruthEven as this is the third album by Circle II Circle that made it into the blog (yes I am catching up), I am still not sure how many they actually released. But to put it bluntly, I do believe that of the ones I have heard so far, this one ranks as the best.

So that makes it all pretty easy; if you still have to acquaint yourself with this band lead by former Savatage singer Zak Stevens, start with this album. Keywords are Zak Stevens (great voice), Savatage (progressive metal kings) and progressive metal (which in this case stands  for melodic metal with enough depth to satisfy even the more spoiled listeners amongst the viewers). The Savatage reference seems to be on it´s way out here, but that is okay. Stevens obviously has that heritage to carry and should be given time to carve his own place in the metal world. So, great album, buy it. Simple!