Cirkus, The Blue Star, 2017

cirkus - the blue starHoliday season is over, so back to writing! And in this case, I do not mind at all. Quite a history behind this band who started in the Seventies apparently, but alas so far were unknown to me. Which might partly be due to this being only their fourth release. The real sad part being that main songwriter Stu “Blue” McDade passed away in 2016, so this album is dedicated to him.

And I am pretty sure this would get his thumbs up. Opener Crossing The Rubicon is a nice mix of old school prog with some more modern guitar riffing and serves as a good introduction to the album. Next Song I’ll Never Know also has great hooks and takes several turns left and right but maintains its attraction with ease. Might be one of the best on offer actually. The album continues with the title track and with lines like “till we meet again” or “now you are a blue star” they obviously pay homage to their mate. The guitar solo is played with a lot of feel and you sense their loss. Next song 19 is quite a surprise with a modern beat and use of synths it almost sounds like an Eighties wave track. Follow up Requiem sits a bit between that and earlier songs, but again has a strong chorus.

With 8 songs clocking in at almost 45 minutes we are served a diverse album, from a band that love what they do and do it well. Sure one to check for fans of melodic prog.

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