Cirrha Niva, For Moments Never Done, 2009

Cirrha Niva - For Moments Never DoneTalking about misconceptions… Somehow my mind tricked me into believing this Dutch outfit was a neo prog band. So can you imagine my surprise when I started playing this? From the opening riffs and screams of The Fooling (how fitting) it became clear that this is a complete different animal. We are talking progressive metal here. And of international allure as well! Think Fates Warning (dual guitars and complexity) combined with modern rock acts (vary varied vocal delivery).

So after shedding my bewilderment, I became very enthusiast about this album. A shame I did not pick this up earlier! The seven tracks range in length from 5 to 8 minutes and together clock in at over 46 minutes. Very convincing in every department, a band not shy of exploring the boundaries of the genre, yet keeping themselves firmly rooted. And no matter where the song takes them, they still mange to deliver enough catchy hooks and melodies to keep you on track. Another good selling point is that many solos are also more melodic than about firing as much notes as possible.

So an album that is easy to get into, melodic and dynamic. Great stuff! But does anybody know where the name comes from?