Clark Colborn, Again, 2012

clark colborn - againAs you may know I like to present lesser known artists and independents to the public. Because small or independent really says nothing about quality! And to prove my point, I am glad to present another independent: Clark Colborn. Again is the title of the second album by Clark, the first however, was released under the Clark Plays Guitar banner.

Colborn is a guitar player with  a style that is a mix of the melodic sensibilities of Joe Satriani, and the quirkiness that makes Steve Vai stand out. On this album he handles guitars, bass and piano. He also sings on a couple of tracks. His voice reminded me of Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult) and Ty Tabor (King’s X). And you know what, Tabor mastered this album. For the drums he chartered Joel Baer.

First track The Unexpected starts life as a freak show with ever changing time signatures and guitar riffs, before turning into a King´s X kind of melodic rock song. Unexpected indeed. An Imperfect Waltz is a demonstration of chops and technique, with a pulsating groove that is sure to catch your attention. Lie To Me is another track with vocals. Too bad he kept them pretty low in the mix. Maybe he is somewhat insecure about them, but I prefer his to mine any hour of the day 😉 The track rocks hard by the way, cool! The Harmonic Thing is a surprise, clean guitar with  a lot of feel. Beautiful and makes me curious as to how this would sound on an acoustic… Mr. In-A-Hurry part 2 is a track I can easily envision on a Satriani album.

So you will get this is versatile, well played and all in all quite good and entertaining! Recommended for all lovers of guitar or the names mentioned.