Classic: Alias, same, 1990

Alias - sameThis album has been playing it’s rounds in my car past week. The great thing about it is the feel good vibe it spreads. Whether you like it or not, this stuff is so uplifting, you will find yourself smiling and humming all day long after being exposed to it.

Singer Freddy Curci made name before with the band Sheriff (remember When I’m With You?). Made me wonder if that is where the star on the front cover originates from…

Opener Say What I Wanna Say, immediately sets the mood. A guitar solo over a rocking riff, followed by the  spell binding vocals of Curci and a chorus that is as catchy as the flu in autumn. Haunted Heart takes over and kicks back a little. Just to hit back with another great chorus. Waiting For Love is a mid tempo rock ballad in the vein of Whitesnake’s Is It Love. Yet the chorus is more AOR with big harmony vocals.
Next track The Power is one of my favourites. Larded with slide guitar solo´s, it rocks but keeps the melodies alive and breathing. Ahh, to be able to write and sing such lines… Heroes is the first really slow song that builds to another chorus that grabs you. What To Do picks up the pace again and is a rocker of the same level as the album openers.
About half way through you will get the picture. A lovely melodic rock album with great songs and players and the under appreciated vocals of mister Curci. Very well worth the money and time!