Classic: April Wine, Powerplay, 1982

april wine - powerplayThis is one of those albums that immediately puts me in a certain time frame when I hear it. In my case, that would be the middle of the eighties, and I would be listening to it with a couple of my then band mates.

April Wine were one of those 3 guitarists bands, and are enjoying a very long career (starting in the 70 I think), though we don´t hear a lot of them lately. Most of the songs are written by singer (and one of the guitar players) Myles Goodwyn.

This album is filled to the brim with highly melodic rock and some songs have instant melodies that I can listen to for days in a row. If only I had the time :-p
Opener Anything You Want, You Got It is a good introduction to rock, April Wine style , as is next track Enough Is Enough. But 3rd track If You See Kay is the song all the world should know, but alas most don´t. To me, one of the best songs ever. The ballad What If We Fall In Love is not only beautiful, but also has one of those magnificent signature double guitar solos and is fitted with guitar lines.
Then again a couple of rockers follow, Waiting For A Miracle, the more basic Doin´It Right, and the mid tempo based Ain´t Got Your Love.
Next track Blood Money has a very spell binding groove and riff and is another highlight. Tell Me Why is the second ballad on offer and album closer Runners In The Night is proof of what you can achieve when you put 3 guitars to good use. Great arrangement that, despite the different feel, proves a very fitting closer.

Great stuff, own it!