Classic: Blue Oyster Cult, Fire Of Unknown Origin, 1981

Blue Oyster Cult - Fire Of Unknown OriginFirst, this is a great band, with numerous releases that are candidate. I had a real hard time deciding which album I would use for my Classic series. So after giving it some thought I went for this one.

For those unfamiliar with the band (too many?), Blue Oyster Cult are an American band that have been around since the early 70´s.  They are the self proclaimed inventors of Heavy Metal (live with at times 3 guitar players) and have a thing for alien abduction, occult themes, crazy songs with a great sense of humour (I´m on the lamb, but I ain´t no Sheep, or She´s as beautiful as a Foot come to mind), have at least 2 songs burned into our collective memory (Don´t Fear The Reaper and Burning For You, the latter from this album) and have a guitar wizard (Donald ” Buck Dharma” Roeser) among them who also likes to sing lead when he can. With more vocalists on board, that is not always easy ;-).

The music is not as heavy as one might think. To modern standards this will be considered melodic rock among many. Top songs for me are the already mentioned Burning for You, with that instant guitar riff and catchy chorus, the hypnotizing melodies of Don´t Turn Your Back, the drama of Veteran Of The Psychic Wars or the haunting song that is Joan Crawford. All in all an album that still rotates in my play-list and that never bores me.

For those interested, the other releases I considered were Secret Treaties, Agents Of Fortune and The Revolution By Night. Check all those out and make up your own mind. But frankly, every album they released over the years has a worthwhile quality, even when at times containing a song or 2 that is slightly below par.

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