Classic: Boulevard, Into The Street, 1990

Boulevard - Into The StreetIn my humble  opinion this is one of the most overlooked bands from that time frame. While they became very popular with the in-crowd, success was never big enough. And this album is proof why that is a criminal mistake. It is quite a challenge to find an AOR or melodic rock album that has the same quality and drive. Must have been a momentum thing as grunge was hitting the shores already. And hitting hard.

But this album is awesome in so many aspects: from the warm voice of lead singer David Forbes, the instrumentation from Randy Gould on guitars, Mark Holden on sax, Andrew John on keyboards, Tom Christiansen on bass and Randal Stoll on drums, to the crisp production of John Punter. Massive backing vocals, enough bite and power, and most important: songs that nest themselves in your system and lever let go.
Opener Talk To Me is a perfect example of what the band is capable of. Up tempo and uplifting, with great melodies and musicianship to be able to attract even the most spoiled listener. Song Where Is The Love is moodier, but has a gorgeous chorus and again some very fitting soloing.  Next is Lead Me On, with a great drive and a chorus on par with the rest. Even so early in the record it is obvious how special this CD is.  And let me tell you, the other songs are just as good. No wonder that it was re-released last year. Original copies were selling for big bucks over the internet, and that is understandable (while selling your copy is hard to fathom actually). So take that opportunity if you missed it first time around and add it to your collection! Classic in every sense.