Classic: Bulletboys, same, 1988

bulletboysGetting your first album produced by ace Ted Templeman (Van Halen) might be an indication that your record company has a lot of confidence in your capabilities. And if you manage to deliver the goods, it becomes clear why.
So yes, the self titled first album from the Bulletboys is a great slab of party rock. Singer Marq Torien turns out a cross between the energy of one David Lee Roth and the soul of Terence Trent D’Arby. And the band made sure they got their message across. No ballad stuff, just 10 driving rockers that will light every party on fire.

Album opener Hard As A Rock is testimony for this claim, but also tracks like Smooth Up In Ya or Shoot The Preacher Down leave little to be desired. The latter proving that blues infused rock can be worth your while! And covering a Utopia song (Money) like it is one of your own does not hurt either.
With 10 songs taking less than 35 minutes, you are left with the desire to press play again. And again. Just donĀ“t look at the titles on the back, the CD has them in a different order.

So great stuff when you need an energy boost or to raise hell. Cool! And oh yeah, they are active again…