Classic: Camel, Nude, 1981

camel - nude“Wake up, wake up”, it´s time to kick it back a little… In the Classic series I dug out this beautiful piece of art that is Nude by symphonic rockers Camel. With an extensive back catalogue like Camel’s, it is virtually impossible to find an album that says it all. I like Nude for a number of reasons.

First the story about Nude, set in the World War 2. It is in the booklet, so I won´t go into all the details here. Second it is the variety in the songs and the arrangements. Camel used a lot of guest, contributing on things like tuba, flute, piccolo, saxophone and cello. Being a band with extended instruments already. Third is the song Drafted. In the early days of my band we used to cover it. The piano and fretless bass are awesome, but the total build of the song and the guitar parts still strike a chord with me everytime I hear it.
Fourth it is because of the exciting instrumentals like Docks. Fantastic guitar and bass work again. You try to resist that groove…

And fifth and final reason, it is just a damn good album! Mellow to some, I can understand that, but I think worthy of everyone´s attention as I am sure it is capable of crossing borders between styles. I mean 30 years and counting, and I still can´t imagine ever selling it…


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