Classic: City Boy, The Day The Earth Caught Fire, 1979

city boy - the day the earth caught fireBecause of the title track being covered by the likes of Lion´s Share and Jorn Lande, I was pointed to this fantastic, yet unknown to me, band from England.
Only after buying it, I found out that one of my guitar heroes, Mike Slamer, was in the band. Which certainly adds to the charm of City Boy.

In case you don´t know the title track, I believe it is worth the money for this album on it´s own. What a grandiose song. It has a very clever and inspirational arrangement and is as catchy as the flu in wet and windy September.

But there are other tracks of the same calibre on board. And while titles like It´s Only The End Of The World or Interrupted Melody might suggest a depressed affair, the truth couldn´t be farther from it. This is very uplifting stuff with that timeless quality that makes it a classic. After all, released in 1979 and still a great listen.

The band hold several singers, so a lot of vocals can be heard. But the solo´s are also very nice. If you liked Slamer on his solo records, with Steelhouse Lane or Streets, you gotta hear this as well. The guy has an unbelievable tone.

So it´s melodic, it is symphonic, it rocks, it is intelligent, it is a classic. Buy it, it has been re-released a couple of years ago!

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